Can Humans be part of the
paradigm shift in ride sharing?.

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We drivers keep struggling trying to support our families while driven into poverty wages and exploitation, while the big guys become richer. They also say they are also in favor of you the rider but they keep charging you outrageous surges.

The TNC’s companies “the ride sharing corporations”, don’t care about the drivers, they want to replace drivers with self driving vehicles and yet they live their success off our sweat and hard work. It is unfortunate that no company has acknowledged the importance drivers have in the equation.

They don´t hear us, they are not like us! we are part of the 99%!

Better Ride’s founders have experienced and seen first hand the exploitation, as such, we identified an immediate need to improve the lives of all the global ride sharing drivers and community.

Our response

We created and launched Better Ride a platform with a future and free of exploitation founded on the principles of establishing a fair-trade and respectable treatment of both the customers and drivers.

Join us! and Support “the new socially responsible way to ride.”

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Better Ride

Technology should make people and services free of explotation