Technology should make people and services free of exploitation.

We are a fair trade ride sharing platform.

Technology should make people and services free of exploitation.

We are a fair trade ride sharing platform.

Better for the driver

Have an entity that takes care of you. Instead of institutionalizing and creating negative changes that will end up damaging your earnings. Join a socially responsible company that understands you and will help you reach your dreams.

By driving with us you can potentially increase your earnings on every ride from 20% to 35% by not paying high commissions zero commission, zero gimmicks.

Why do we need a change?

We are in need of a new beginning, one that includes everyone in the benefits, No one really offers us a fair deal NOT BEFORE and NOT NOW! None, they say we are the most important part, but reality is that we keep struggling trying to support our families and we continue to be exploited, driven into poverty wages while we carry all the expenses and economic burden. In the meantime the big app guys “The transportation network companies (TNC’s) become richer on our backs by charging us abusive high commissions under paying us, and is the same exploitative TNC’s companies that want to get rid of us and replace us with self driving vehicles and yet they live their success from our sweat and hard work,

“The ride sharing corporations”, don’t care about the drivers,they don’t hear us, they are not like us. we are the 99% 

They also say they are also in favor of the riders but they keep charging them outrageous Surges.

It is unfortunate that no company has acknowledged the importance drivers have in the equation, and is why better ride is the solution and the change we need!

Our response: we created and launched Better Ride a pro driver company a platform free of exploitation. Our company is founded on the principles of establishing a platform for the fair-trade and respectable treatment of both the customers and drivers. We are part of the 99%.

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What are the driver’s benefits?

We couldn’t be talking about equity and rightness if we leave one single actor outside of the equation. Here are the components to a fair trade ride sharing economy and why we are the best option for you.

  • Zero commission keep everything you make from your rides.
  • Low monthly flat fee.
  • Our promise (no rides=you don’t pay)
  • The freedom to work all you want, when you want, no boss.
  • End the high commissions abuse.
  • Receive optional tips.
  • Platform free of exploitation.
  • Fair and brighter future.
  • Collaborating to transform your and your loves ones future and the ride sharing industry future for the better.

Driver watch this

If you are a driver this animated video will show you how technology helps you connecting you with clients and gets you more rides and also how hard you work, however you feel frustrated and upset because you pay high commissions and that leaves you with less money for you and your family but also shows you how you can now change that and increase your earnings by keep everything you make from your rides