The socially responsible
Way to Ride… And Why it Matters!.

We are a fair trade ride sharing platform.


Get from point A to point B without the high price surge extortion.

Support your Local Economy

Embrace a fair-trade economy model where everyone wins, you, the driver
and the community, and you wont pay the surge extortion. Why pay more?

By using Better Ride you directly contribute to your local economy because drivers keep everything they make on their rides because we take zero commissions from what they make; with Better Ride the drivers keep and make more money than on any other platform.

Ride with better ride and transform a life.


Better for fou

3 easy convenient
steps to a Better Ride

Remember, we don’t surge prices
during prime times nor according to
the weather.

1. Request

Set your location, get a price quote, choose the type of BR service you prefer and request your ride. You will see a picture of your driver and vehicle moving toward you.

2. Ride

You will be notified automatically when your driver approaches your location, you can call or text the driver within the app.

3. Rate and Pay

Price transparency you will see your total fare at the end of your ride, options to tip your driver. Your comments will Help your driver improve, continue and excel his/hers service.

Our Services

We are the most socially conscious on demand ride sharing solution we bring economic and social transformation to riders and drivers you will never pay a surge. The drivers keep 100% from what they make.

Pick one of our servicies that best fit your needs